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The specimen’s better-preserved right-wing exhibits that the first feathers had been longer than its secondaries, and the authors estimate roughly 10 primaries and 20 secondaries. The specimen’s right-wing exhibits an overlapping complicated of primary feathers, which attach to the second digit of the hand, secondary feathers, which attach to the forearm, and coverts, which cover both sets. The coverts of Archaeopteryx and other basal paravians that preserve them are, by distinction, significantly longer and cover much of the wing. While preservation makes symmetry troublesome to assess, these feathers appear just like the tail feathers of other birdlike dinosaurs that preserve this region, together with Sinornithosaurus, Jinfengopteryx, Anchiornis, Eosinopteryx, and Archaeopteryx. Therefore, the lack of leg feathers on Zhenyuanlong could also be an artifact of preservation or preparation. The presence of a tail fan cannot be ruled out with certainty.

However, since the tip of Zhenyuanlong’s tail just isn’t preserved, it is unattainable to rule out the presence of a fan fully. This differentiates the tail of Zhenyuanlong from Microraptor and the related Changyuraptor, which had shorter feathers alongside the base and center of the tail but large, complicated fans on the tip. Lengthy vaned feathers were also current along the length of the tail and are preserved as a collection of long projections of vanes at a 45-diploma angle from the tail vertebrae. Some of its closest kinfolks are known for long, voluminous vaned feathers attaching to the ankles and fighting chicken arms. Zhenyuanlong’s lack of comparable feathers might point out another unique anatomical function of this animal among its relatives.

Overall, the form and feather structure of Zhenyuanlong’s wings were similar to those of Microraptor. However, the previous lacks any sign of the alula feathers which attach to the first finger in trendy birds and possibly Microraptor. He and Mr. Potato Head are mates and are seen in the primary movie taking part in a card game and later Battleship, which Hamm always wins. It is the primary demonstration of feather morphology in a short-armed dromaeosaurid and is, at the moment, the biggest identified non-avian dinosaur with complicated wings. At around 2 meters in length and covered in advanced feathers, Zhenyuanlong would have been virtually indistinguishable from a large bird in life and compared with a turkey, emu, or “big rooster,” with wings similar to these of an eagle or vulture.