S8 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date:

  • Galaxy S4 released in March, 2013
  • Galaxy S5 released in March, 2014
  • Galaxy S6 released in March, 2015
  • Galaxy S7 released in February, 2016
  • Galaxy S8 release date mid-Q1 of 2016

Samsung will not make any mistake of creating a huge gap between the S7 and S8 smartphone because of two basic reasons :

  1. Each and every company is arriving with new and more powerful technology every new day and every time the smartphone arrives it touches the nerves of the consumer by having a unique feature and principle affordability.
  2. After the release of Apple Iphone 6 and 6 Plus, the basic and crude competition is to the Samsung Series of Galaxy S and Note which are their most trending too. So, if the company wants to proceed better than that of Apple, it is compelled to come up with some Hot and happening features which will distract the name of Apple and buzz Samsung all around.